AAIA Website Development Costs

Costs for each set of deliverables for this project is listed below.
WordPress Website Design 4000
Bilingual Functionality
We will create a switching system that allows a user to switch between English and Afrikaans. Based on the user's option, content and documents will be presented in the chosen language. All content will have an English and Afrikaans version.
Members will select their language option at signup, and this will be saved for their future visits, and they will be added to an email list based on their language. That way, email correspondence will also be in their chosen language.
Priced at R2 per word. 
Email Managment System
The email management system that we use is called ACYMailing Enterprise. This fee covers your first-year website licence and the system's setup. An annual licensing fee of 89 Euro is payable after a year.
User Registration and Managment System
We will install and setup the free version of the PaidMembershipPro plugin. Users can register on your website, and we can collect and save information relevant to their membership. This will include, for example, their name, email address, business name, and any other information relevant to you. Users will also be able to log in to your website edit their information, and access restricted content.
Payment for membership can be done via a credit card using PayFast.
Form Creation
Website forms are used to gather information from website users. They are normally used on contact pages or for lead generation. You are emailed the information in the form and the form data is stored in the website database.
Document Creation and Management System
This system is custom-built to enable us to create printable documents based on the templates that you provide. Business information from the user will be incorporated into each document, allowing registered users to print out documents according to their business needs.
Document Creation
This is the fee needed to create and incorporate each document into your system at a cost of R200 per document. This quote includes 20 documents.
Self Manged Vendor Area
This system will allow registered users, with the correct permission, to create and modify their own business profile within a vendor area. The profile can include a logo, photo gallery, company details, contact information, and a contact form. We can modify this profile as per your requirements.

Payment Options

Costs for each set of deliverables for this project is listed below.
Single Payment (Save 10%)
Two Monthly Payments (Standard)
Four Monthly Payments (Extended)

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