Lightning Digital Retainer Based Service

This proposal outlines a custom solution for Cosmo Pools based on your specified budget.

Digital marketing and development SLAs

Our multi-disciplinary team leads to significantly improved options and results

Our Core Focus

We focus on two major areas with the goal of improving marketing success and streamlining communication:

  1. Marketing which includes search and social media
  2. Development focused on improved customer experience and streamlined business processes

Team and Services Breakdown

In order to achieve the very best results, we need to incorporate various services from research and development to communication, marketing and sales.
Lightning Digital incorporates the skills and experience of a well-qualified team of specialists with complementary skills that ensure your success. Your team includes:

  • Roger Lightening. A 30 year veteran of website development and marketing focused on maximising lead generation and sales.
  • Sebastian Lightening. With an advanced degree in psychology, Sebastian specialises in researching cutting-edge trends and their effects on user experience and engagement.
  • Anthony Lightening. Anthony's four-year Journalism and Media Studies degree helps him create engaging written and video content, bringing your social media profiles to life.
  • Cosmo Pools Retainer Based Service Offering

    Our monthly services are structured to improve your social media reach and influence; maximise the ROI on your search campaigns and continuously develop your website and communications technology.

    The structure outlined below is an excellent starting point and can be tweaked and expanded as new opportunities and challenges reveal themselves.

    R10000per month

Monthly Deliverables

We ensure fairness and transparency by using an online project management system to monitor, manage and report on all work done for your business.

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