Extreme Pools Redevelopment Proposal

In 2024, it has become very apparent that what we did in the past is no longer good enough. If we allow ourselves to become complacent, our competitors will overtake us, and it will become hard to regain our dominance.
The most important advertising metric for me is Conversion Rate. This refers to the percentage of advert clicks that result in leads (advertising converstion rate). We can take that one step further and use it to refer to the number of leads that turn into sales (sales lead conversion rate).

Let's Compare Advertising Conversion Rates

We will start by looking at advertising conversion rates for two businesses in Gauteng that are similar to yours. We will then look at the different strategies and how they affect sales lead conversion rates.

At first glance, your conversion rate seems similar to that of Cosmo Pools. Quality Pools seems to be getting double the value for their advertising budget.
There are major differences, though, and this relates to the quality and quantity of leads. The amount spent on advertising is also a very important factor.

Advertising Spend

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Leads Generated

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Cost per Lead

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Lead Quantity

On a cost per lead basis your results are very similar to Quality Pools

Lead Quality


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