Website and Social Media Marketing Proposal

Created for John from Woodfired Hot Tubs

The following proposal is focused on helping you achieve maximum exposure through social media and search engine marketing and convert that exposure into real-world contacts and sales via your carefully crafted website.

This proposal and quotation have been created after carefully considering your goals and needs. You are entering a competitive niche that is currently experiencing rapid growth. As a new business, building brand awareness while simultaneously driving qualified contacts and sales through your website is important.

Our 26 years of experience selling high-ticket items online puts us in great stead to help you sell your wood-fired hot tubs online.

We will focus on search engine marketing to target people already in the market for your product. Social media marketing will build brand awareness and stimulate an interest in your product. A full e-commerce store will focus on online sales, lead generation and automated follow-up. Everything we do is integrated to maximise your online success.

This proposal details all of your options and can be implemented immediately or in phases.

Team Effort

Key Ierformance Indicators

Our most important KPIs will include social media reach, interactions, qualified contacts and online sales

Online success is a team effort. Lightning Digital is your online marketing partner and everything we do is based on your specific requirements.

Initial Website Set-up and Development

Website Development

Your website will be developed using the WordPress content management system. WordPress powers 43% of the internet ensuring that your website is secure and customisable. It can also be managed by yourself or any competent website specialist.

Total Initial Website Development

R13 200

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a specialised service that ensures your website performs well on organic (free) search results. It is a highly involved service that involves both on-site and off-site optimization, and results take between three and six months to show.

Total Initial Search Engine Optimisation

R9 200

Automated Quotes and Follow-up

The automation of your quotation and sales follow-up emails can be incredibly important when dealing with a large number of sales leads. Our paid search campaigns can create up to 500 sales leads per month, depending on the industry, and it is impossible to create a professional quotation and maintain personal contact with all of these people. By automating the quotation and email follow-up processes, we ensure that no sales lead falls through the cracks.

Total Sales Automation System

R32 000

Monthly Maintenance and Marketing Services

Social Media Managment

Social media provides a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about your products and services from within networks like Facebook and Instagram. People expect to be able to follow you social media and that provides an opportunity to keep prospects updated, interetsted and engaged with your brand. Paid advertising makes it possible for us to target specefic groups of people to introduce them to something exciting that they may not have known about before.

Total Initial Website Development

R13 200

Paid Search and Website Maintenance 

Our search engine based marketing packages all include website maintenance focused on keeping all your WordPress systems and plugins up-to-date and your content relevant and effective. Search management focuses on driving paid traffic to your website and converting it into solid contacts and sales. Full statistics and conversion tracking is included in both packages. Your monthly ad spend is not included and will be discussed as needed.

Total Initial Website Development

R13 200

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