Crafting Highly Effective Offer Messaging

  • What problems do you solve?
  • Why should they care?
  • Where’s your proof?
  • Your clients’ likes and dislikes
  • Top features and benefits
  • Your clients’ beliefs

During the initial Discovery Phase of your website we go well beyond the basics of website design. We need to delve deeply into the world of marketing, sales and advertising through the utilisation of our Offer Messaging Workbook.

The Offer Messaging Workbook included below is a document that we work through with you. It helps us develop a powerful basis for creating website copy and content that drives the success of your business. Before we even consider the design of your website, it is vital that we have a thorough understanding of your business, your objectives and how to create content that is persuasive to your target market.

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Offer Messaging Workbook

This workbook is normally completed by Lightning Digital during an in-person or telephonic consultation.
Target Buyer
Secondary Buyer
Is there another person involved in the decision-making process?
Price or Price Range
What’s the problem or opportunity the product/service solves for?
How would you describe the product/service?
Why should the buyer care about this product/service?
What’s the exact promise the product/service makes?
What’s your proof that it works?
Aim for 3 proofs
3 most important features of the product/service
3 most important benefits the product/service delivers
Why your product/service? Why shouldn’t I just choose your competition?
What are three things your buyer desires related to their problem/opportunity?
3 events or circumstances that trigger desire for this product/services
What does the buyer need to believe about your product/service in order to take action?
What does the buyer need to believe about you in order to take action?
What does the buyer need to believe about themselves in order to take action?
Are there some key customers we can speak with to get insights from?
Include company, contact person and contact number.
3-5 epiphanies you want/need the buyer to have
3 things the buyer hates about competing products/services
3 things the buyer likes about competing products/services
3 bad scenarios that happen when not using your product/services
Obstacles to making a purchase: who & what
What are 4 key stats that support your product/service offering?
What are the 3 main objections to your product/service?
What are your responses to those objections?
What else needs to be said about your product/service/company?
Theme of the narrative

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