Dear Claudine

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I wanted to follow up with a project proposal based on our conversation.

This proposal covers high-level strategy, provides more details about our process, and includes a detailed Statement of Work that lists all deliverables for each phase of the project.

You’ll also find a cost breakdown, payment structure, and timeline.

I realise this is your first time with us, so I want to ensure you’re completely comfortable before we proceed with the next steps. Please review this document thoroughly and let me know if you have any questions.

If I don’t hear anything, I’ll follow up later in the week to gather your thoughts. My contact information is listed below.

Thanks for taking the time to consider our proposal!


Roger Lightening
Lightning Digital Marketing Solutions
076 542 4011

Executive Summary

Based on our conversation with Claudine, Cronje, and Vannessa, we understand that you would like to redevelop the Outsource Retail website and create a search-based advertising campaign to target potential clients throughout South Africa.

Current Shortcomings

  • Your current website does not adequately represent the professional nature of your business, and prospective clients are left confused about what you can do for them.
  • Contacting a relevant person via your website is not simple nor intuitive.
  • Job applications can be significantly improved.
  • There is no organic search engine optimisation.
  • There is currently no paid search advertising.
  • There is no clear “Call to Action” and users are not guided through any conversion strategy. 

Our Gameplan

To remedy this, Lightning Digital proposes the following solutions to meet your needs:

  1. Website redesign to better reflect the status and credibility of your business
  2. Website content creation. We will work through our Offer Messaging Workbook for each of your important service pages. This will help us connect with your potential clients in a way that builds your authority and connects their needs with your service features and benefits. 
  3. Create strong and compelling Calls to Action
  4. Build high-conversion lead generation forms. Calls to action generally move a prospect towards a lead generation form. The structure and design of these forms massively influence whether or not a person completes the form.
  5. Develop a Job Application Portal. We will move your job application process beyond the current email system to a far more functional system that allows applicants to manage their own profiles and for in-house recruiters to find and manage applications effectively.
  6. Search-based advertising. We will create and manage your paid search advertising campaigns to maximise your advertising investment.

This marketing proposal and the requested deliverables are based on our conversation with Outsource Retail representatives and our evaluation of this work with our team, expertise, and software tools. The following outline the scope of work and estimated cost for this project proposal:

Proposed Start Date: 27 May, 2024

Proposed Date of Completion: 19 August, 2024

If any aspect of this proposal is unclear, please seek clarification by consulting your Lightning Digital representative.

Why Us

At Lightning Digital, we believe your website is much more than just an online presence. It is the engine of business growth—your primary digital marketing asset, your top sales tool, and your leading digital brand awareness platform.

We encourage you to think differently about web design. It’s important to distinguish the art from the science of web design. At Lightning Digital, we excel in both. We don’t just create visually appealing websites; we are committed to developing your website to drive rapid business growth through meticulous planning, consultation, and skill development.

Our approach to web design involves:

  • Structuring your site for optimal organization and visibility, ensuring it achieves top rankings on Google and other search engines to attract significant traffic.
  • Crafting your message with precision so your site sells effectively on autopilot, around the clock.
  • Developing a visual design that not only communicates trust and authority but also significantly elevates your brand.
  • Creating a user experience tailored to drive visitors to take the actions you desire, whether it’s making a call, sending an email, or making a purchase directly.

In essence, we engineer your website to be a central online marketing hub that positions you to dominate your market. Understanding our process, the expertise it requires, and what you’re investing in will set the stage for the type of return on investment (ROI) you can expect.

Our foundation is built on understanding, planning, and expert execution. We’re excited to bring your digital vision to life with a website that not only meets but exceeds your strategic goals.

Our Team

Our goal is to make your website and online marketing as effective as possible using cutting-edge technology and human creativity and ingenuity. In an era soon to be dominated by AI, we believe that success starts with ethical, enlightened, and engaged human beings.
Roger Lightening

Roger has well over 20 years of experience integrating website development and lead generation to help you drive more sales.

Sebastian Lightening

Sebastian uses the knowledge and research experience gained through his honours degree in psychology to understand your prospects and guide them through our conversion cycle.

Anthony Lightening

Anthony has a four-year journalism degree that powers his ability to generate creative, engaging website and social media content, content that builds confidence in your brand and helps you shine as an authority in your market place.

Overview Step #1 - Discovery

Every successful website begins with our comprehensive Discovery phase. This initial stage involves meticulous keyword and competitor research, market analysis, and, if applicable, a full SEO audit of your existing site

We also offer a full-day onsite consult to better understand your processes and how we can effectively integrate your website. Interacting with salespeople and sitting in on sales calls gives us real-world insights that are impossible to achieve in any other way.

The insights gained here ensure your website is strategically crafted to meet and exceed your business goals.

Overview Step #2 - Site Architecture

We use insights from the Discovery process to create a visual sitemap for your new website. This ensures that every page of your website has a purpose; all possibilities for ranking are uncovered and planned for; and that there’s a clear roadmap for future growth.

Planning out this site architecture is important for SEO and User Experience and should be done prior to design or development.

Many freelancers and agencies don’t design a proper site architecture, which is a costly mistake in time, money, and lost opportunity. We ensure that your site has the proper roadmap before we start building.

Overview Step #3 - UX Design

Since every website has a unique goal and every page of a website serves a different purpose, each page requires a unique layout and content structure.

Ensuring pages are intuitively laid out to make it easy for visitors to consume, navigate, and comprehend the content requires a lot of experience and expertise. This is called UX Design—designing the user experience as they navigate through the website.

Effective UX design can more than double or triple your website’s conversion rate, slash your website’s bounce rate (the percentage of people who leave after viewing only one page), and make visitors more likely to return in the future.

The wireframes we generate during the UX phase are like blueprints for a house. They’re critical to the initial website prototype design and for communicating the UX to the development team so we can build your site correctly and efficiently.

Overview Step #4 - Outlining & Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive marketing and promotional content that motivates people to take some form of action, such as making a purchase, clicking on a link, calling a phone number, or scheduling a consultation.

A page on a business website typically has anywhere from 500 to 5000 words of written content that persuades the visitor to take a specic action. This content is arguably the most important part of the site because it’s directly responsible for generating conversions.

Content is also one of the most difcult aspects of creating an effective website. Someone has to determine what that content is going to say and then physically write it while keeping both SEO and sales conversion in mind.

Since your website’s copy can make or break the website’s effectiveness (and timeline if it’s not delivered on time), it’s a good idea to have it professionally written by our writing team.

Overview Step #5 - UI Design

UI (User Interface) Design is the process of making a website visually appealing while ensuring that it matches the brand’s essence.

This is the step that most people think of when they think of “web design.” As you can see, though, it’s only one small step in the process of creating an effective website.

For most projects, we don’t have to design every single page. Instead, our design team designs the Home Page, navigation, footer, dynamic templates, and a “UI Style Guide” that governs the look and feel of all the core elements of your website.

These prototypes, combined with the UX wireframes, are all the development team needs to build the website.

Overview Step #6 - Responsive Development

Once you approve the visual design of your new website, it is sent to our development team, which constructs and codes it while making sure it is responsive (meaning it looks great and functions perfectly on every device).

When developers have proper wireframes, a professional design to work from, and professionally written copy, development is extremely fast, smooth, and efficient.

Most of the big issues that occur during the website development process occur when the previous steps of UX Design, UI Design, Copywriting, etc., are skipped, neglected, or attempted simultaneously.

By following our process, we ensure that every project is delivered on time and on budget every time.

Overview Step #7 - Optimisation & Launch

As development is being finished, the process of testing and optimisation should begin.

Our development team will test your new website in all major browsers, devices, and screen sizes. Additionally, we’ll ensure that all images are appropriately sized and optimized, that the code is as clean and efficient as possible, and that all the technical SEO requirements are implemented.

Once testing and optimisation are complete, we will launch the site on your domain so it’s live to the public. This will conclude “phase one” of your project, at which point we will begin the Website Management and marketing phase.

Overview Step #8 - Management & Marketing

An effective business website is a living, breathing thing. Successful companies with successful websites don’t take a “set it and forget it” approach. They know their website will only work when they follow a consistent marketing & development roadmap.

Some of our ongoing services include content marketing, SEO (ongoing research, the re-optimisation of existing pages, the production of new long-tail pages, content marketing, digital PR, and so on), and digital advertising (usually with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns).

Additionally, websites require ongoing hosting, basic maintenance, & security monitoring, which must be done by trusted professionals.

A website without an active management and marketing roadmap is dying a slow death. Competitive businesses will easily outrank and outperform your site if it isn’t actively managed, which is why actively managing your website is part of our long-term commitment to each and every client we work with.

We structure most management and marketing campaigns as annual campaigns since the strategies and tactics require a long-term effort.

Statement of Work (Deliverables)

The following Statement of Work outlines all deliverables for this project. We're happy to provide additional clarication or explanation on any specic deliverable.
Discovery & SEO Deliverables
Market ResearchCompetitor Research
Keyword ResearchVisual Sitemap
Opportunity ReportPPC Forecast
UX Design Deliverables
Job SeekersJob Seekers Profile Page
Job Seekers CVCase Studies
HR Software OverviewHR Software Feature 
Industrial Relations OverviewIndustrial Relations Speciality
Human Resources OverviewFunctional Outsourcing
UI Design Deliverables
UI Style GuideHome
HR Software TemplateTraining Template
Industrial Relations/HR TemplateCase Studies Template
CV Template
Copywriting Deliverables
About Us800CSR800
HR Intro800HR Sub Pages: 21600
IR Intro800IR Sub Pages: 8 6400
Ticker Intro800Ticker Sub Pages: 3 2400
Case Studies Intro400Case Studies: 32400
Functional Outsourcing Intro800FO Sub Pages: 21600
Training Intro800Training Areas: 31200
Page Development Deliverables
About Us2Human Resources2
Functional Outsourcing2Contacts1
Dynamic Template Deliverables
Applicant RegistrationTraining Template
Industrial Relations/HR TemplateCase Studies Template
CV Template
Functionality Deliverables
Contact Us FormsJobs/Recruitment Portal
Launch Deliverables
Multi-Device TestingFunctionality Testing
SSL InstallationAnalytics Installation
Conversion Goal SetupDNS Management
Full URL CrawlSubmit Sitemap to Google
Basic Technical SEO AuditInstall Tracking Pixels (As Needed)
Redirect List (As Needed)

Project Costs

Costs for each set of deliverables for this project is listed below.
Web UX Design16000
Web UI Design7000
Priced at R2 per word. Includes interviews and research
Template Development7000
Advanced Integration
Covers functionality buildout, implementation, and testing for things like forms, portals, advanced queries, etc.
Page Development6000

Payment Options

Costs for each set of deliverables for this project is listed below.
Single Payment (Save 10%)85680
Two Monthly Payments (Standard)4760095200
Four Monthly Payments (Extended)2499099960

Project Timeline & Milestones

Here's a clear view of the timelines and ofcial milestones that will govern this project.
Approve and Pay Deposit22 May 2024
Project Kickoff27 May 2024
Discovery DeliverablesWeeks 1 to 2
UX DeliverablesWeeks 2 to 4
Content DeliverablesWeeks 2 to 6
UI DeliverablesWeeks 3 to 6
DevelopmentWeeks 4 to 12
Punch List & TestingWeeks 11 to 12
Launch19 August 2024

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